Ready, Set, Update And Grow!

Hello, everyone!

It’s great to be back and working on The Academy!

I would like to thank every one of you for your patience while I have been away from this project. I am back to work here in an offline staging site, so you don’t have to watch the pages change ten times a day. As I work out the new format and begin to load the videos, I will move the changes over to the public version of this website. Right now, as you may know, there are just a few test videos on the site you see at this time.

There are a couple of changes you may already be seeing in the terminology of the site. I have put these here for you to begin to familiarise yourself with them. Among the first changes to look for is the labeling of the content progression. Previously, the hierarchy was Course / Courses, Lesson/ Lessons, and Topic/Topics.    I have changed the form to more closely flow like we are watching television programming. We now will be able to choose Channel / Channels, Program/Programs, and Feature/Features.

For Instance,

The Bowl Turning Channel:    Program:   Turning a Sycamore bowl from green wood.

Feature 1: Cutting and preparing the blank

Feature 2: Mounting and rough turning

Feature 3: Turning the outside profile

Feature 4: Turning the inside of the profile

  Feature 5:  Storing and drying properly

I hope that you like the new format and please send me a message if you have any thoughts and ideas you would like to share. The more information I have, the better I can set up the community to work well for everyone here.

I am going to keep this update short so that I can get back to work in our educational community. You will be receiving regular updates as the changes and additions progress.

I would like to ask one favor from the community. We have gained many new members in the last few months. If you have never logged in, or, it has been a long time since you have logged in to the community, please do so at your earliest convenience. I want to be sure everyone will have smooth, easy access when I begin to bring the new site over and go live with it. If you have any problems with the login, please let me know, and I will get you all squared away.  CLICK HERE TO TEST YOUR LOGIN NOW   Please remember that your USERNAME is the email address you used to register. Your PASSWORD was auto-generated and is in the first email you received with your credentials. If you have lost track your password, it’s not a problem. Merely follow the previous link to log in and enter your email address in the Forgot Your Password field, and it will be sent to you. Be sure to check your spam folder for that email as it tends to show up there.

Thank you and happy turning!

Bradley McCalister




  1. Michael

    Good to see you up and going again. I can’t wait to see the new content you have for us.

  2. Bradley McCalister Post author

    Thank you Sir. And, all this technology is starting to work. I was able to approve your comment and reply all from the handy dandy phone!
    Onward we will grow. Now I need to get on the computer and change the logo on this post!
    Bradley Mccalister

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